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Formed in 2008, we specialize in distribution and retail of consumer audio products for Vietnam Market

Technical Services

We also provide repair services for other third party brands that we do not carry in our network

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Please contact us should you have more inquiries or have products which you would like to introduce for Vietnam Market.



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In House Affordable Custom Monitors

With ever demand for affordable customs monitos for the consumer market in Vietnam. We are pleased to be announcing soon that we will soon be releasing entry custom monitors for the Vietnam Market. As we lack available man power and resources, it will only be available for the Vietnam market when its released. Stay tuned for the release date soon to be announced.

What they say about me

Was recommended this place by a friend, it did not disappoint. The staff speak English and are very knowledgeable. The prices are a little high compared to what you could find in America but it is still well worth the visit if you need some sweet headphones! A lot of variety here, there is something for everyone.

Dylan Hammer


Koss Stereophones

JH Audio

Unique Melody Labs

AAW Customs

Jomo Audio

Pelican Case




Final Audio

DIY Custom Cables

Earphone Repair Services

It gives us immense pleasure to see customer satisfaction after they have purchased and used our products.

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